General Comments on the Deaver Brown CaseThe Deaver Brown c

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General Comments on the Deaver Brown Case:The Deaver Brown case involves making a 10 minute verbal sales presentationto the buyer. Three students have been asked to make the verbal presentation. The rest of the class is to write a presentation just as if they were going to do it verbally. This will involve guessing what the buyer will ask and answering the questions. I’d suggest preparing what you would say going through the steps of a sales presentation as described in the assigned reading in the 4th Edition of our text Entrepreneurial Small Business, pages 332-334 (In the 3rd Edition the pages are 319-322). Remember that you have only 10 minutes and that is too short to go through a lot of questions of the buyer. You shouldknow his company and should know what would likely be of interest to himbefore you get to his office. It would be good to know what your deal isthat you are proposing and get on with telling him about your product, howit will be good for him and for his customers, what your deal is that youare proposing and make some trial closes. Remember that it is only 10 minutes – not as formal as a PowerPoint presentation. Just person-to-person selling.Points to rememberPut yourself in the shoes of the buyerHow the stroller and its package make it easy to store, display and carryWhat the buyer’s personal situation is (tenure, pending retirement, etc.)Remember, this is a 10 minute sales call – no time for small talk or unnecessary questionsUnderstand the balance of powerThey don’t need you. You need themKnow what you want out of the sales callA big order or just any order?Master the detailsRead the case several times and know the facts coldBe prepared to shoot from the hip. The buyer will ask questions for whichthe answers are not in the case. Answer what you think you can do as thepresident of the company. ‘I’ll have to check and get back to you’ is aweak answer as president – you can make it happen if it is a reasonablerequest!GET THE ORDER!Additional Description of UmbrollerCollapsible for travel and storageAdjustable reclining seatSleek and aerodynamic designEasy no-tool assemblyLight weight and easy to foldSix month warrantyAdjustable safety harnessFour storage pocketsMultiple canopy with screen side to let the air inBicycle style hand brakesAdjustable angle back seatFoot operated parking brakeFour color presentation box for floor display

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