Go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Website, and review

Go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Website, and review the statistics regarding inmates, population, and staff, located at http://www.bop.gov/about/statistics/. Be prepared to discuss.Analyze the following goal of correctional staff member “…to give inmates the opportunity to develop a positive lifestyle while incarcerated and to gain the personal and employment skills they need for a positive lifestyle after release,” and recommend one (1) action that correctional staff can take in order to achieve this goal. Provide a rationale for your response.From the e-Activity and the text, compare the number of incarcerated female and male inmates. Examine the characteristics of the offenses that each gender commits most often. Provide your opinion as to whether one’s gender predisposes him or her to a particular type of crime.RESPOND TO FOLLOWING STATEMENT:2. Both males and females have the potential to commit crimes from time to time. They are involved in some common types of offenses such as murder. Men are involved in more criminal offenses than women are because they are physically aggressive than females. Men get rid of their emotions by engaging in violence while women internalize their feelings and can bring their emotions under control. Women crimes mostly include prostitution and drug abuse while men commit a broad range of violence such as fraud, shoplifting, murder, embezzlement among others (McMains & Mullins, 2014). From the fact that men commit more crimes than women do, my opinion is that gender has a significant role in crimes and violence. The natural, physical, mental and emotional differences between men and females contribute to this truth.

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