Guidelines and Grading Criteria for Article CritiquesThe art

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Guidelines and Grading Criteria for Article CritiquesThe article critique should be the result of reading and analyzing published research. The student will select a research article from a refereed journal, identify the major components, and assess whether or not the authors have clearly described and supported each element. The guidelines for the paper include: 1. should be in APA format The header, ARTICLE CRITIQUE should be left-justified; however the numbers of the pages should appear on the right side of the paper The title “Critique of Research Article”, Your Name and EDT 660 should be in the center at the top of page and should be single-spaced 2. Citation of the article in the correct APA format should appear left-justified . 3. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length with a header and page numbers in the right corner. wording in the header should be – Article Critique 4. The Critique will be evaluated in the following manner: Research QuestionWhat question(s) do the researchers say they are trying to answer?Why do the researchers say the question(s) is/are important to address?In other words, what is the educational significance of this research?Do the researchers make a strong case for the importance of this research? Why or why not?What method does the researchers use?What reasons do they give for why they chose this method?What do the researchers find?Do you believe they have made a case for their findings?How do the researchers interpret their findings?Is their interpretation valid?How well does the interpretation fit the results?How completely does their interpretation address the question with which they began? Explain.MethodFindingsInterpretation/ConclusionConsideration of ImportanceNow that you have critically analyzed this article from a researcher’s point of view, reconsider the significant/importance of this work in light of its contribution to education. What does this article offer to the field?Chose any one of this article:-Prince-Embury, S. (2015). Assessing personal resiliency in school settings: The resiliency scales for children and adolescents. Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools, 55-65.Jasinski, M. (2012). Helping Children to Learn at Home: A Family Project to Support Young English Language Learners. TESL Canada Journal, 29224-230.Terranova, A. M., Morris, A. S., Myers, S., Kithakye, M., & Morris, M. S. (2015). Preschool Children’s Adjustment Following a Hurricane: Risk and Resilience in the Face of Adversity. Early Education And Development, 26(4), 534-548.

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