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Hai I want replay for the discussion boardDiscuss five or more risks encountered in everyday life. How do you assess these risks? How do you treat these risks?Driving. Most of the time, we take this for granted. But staying off the cell phone, keeping basic systems in good order – and even replacing your wipers once in a while – can make a big difference. Food preparation. Keep surfaces clean, avoid transfer of bacteria from uncooked food to your hands, countertops, and utensils. Also, when you are using sharp knives, pay attention and avoid distractions. Stairways. Simple, I know, but using the handrail can significantly reduce the likelihood of a fall. Non-routine tasks. Changing a light bulb in a ceiling fan? Get a good ladder or stepstool, not a chair. Using harsh chemicals to clean? Protect your hands. Yardwork. Substantial shoes are important in operating any power equipment. Good leather gloves for handling brush are a big plus. As technology becomes a more central part of everyday lives, it also contributes to Americans feeling their world is now more risk-prone. Technology-related risks are the second biggest concern identified on the Consumer Risk Index, with 64 percent of individuals worrying about personal privacy loss. When asked to specify, their worries took many forms:64 percent are concerned about their bank or other financial accounts being hacked; 62 percent worry about ID theft; and 48 percent fear losing confidential information via a stolen computer. Technology-related concerns are not limited to information being hacked or exposed. An entire new spectrum of personal safety and transportation risks now exist due to technological distractions. Eighty-four percent of respondents say distracted driving is a concern, while 55 percent said the same about distracted pedestrians. Only 31 percent of respondents, however, are concerned that they themselves could get into an automobile accident as a result of their own use of a mobile device while driving

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