Hai i want replay for this discussion board Discuss five or

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Hai i want replay for this discussion board Discuss five or more risks encountered in everyday life. How do you assess these risks? How do you treat these risks?Risks are considered to cause a potential harm when we are exposed to them. We do face these risks in our daily lives, or at professional or even at the global level. The risks in our everyday life may include:Internet of Things (IoT): The use of IoT is rapidly increasing these days because of the smart and electronic devices that are used at home and for personal use. Devices such as Thermostat, alarm systems, smart refrigerators, cars etc. are at high risk when an attacker gain access into these systems remotely. Smart phones: An essential handy device that make our lives easy. But, the vulnerabilities in these devices can be exploited by the hackers resulting in sensitive or confidential data loss and theft. In rare cases, there are chances that these devices may explode and cause severe injury to the people.Wireless networks: The risks associated with the wireless networks are seen in the systems connected to them. These include, malware scams, virus attacks and other related cyber attacks, resulting in the data loss, compromising of the system, malfunctioning of the system. E-mail: Malicious code containing attachments can lead to malware download, phishing and farming attacks. Other risks include fire accidents, power outages, and natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes etc.Among the above mentioned risks, the cyber risks can be analayzed before and preventive measures like anti-malware, anti-virus products can be used. Strengthening of passwords, firewalls, scanners etc. would help. Natural disasters are unaviodable and cannot be prevented. The better solution is to be prepared for the emergency situation. For fire accidents and power outages, prevention and alternative resources might help in case of emergency.

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