Hello everybody,*****Please Read and follow Instructions****

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Hello everybody,*****Please Read and follow Instructions****** Thank youI need a persuasive speech on this topic (more people should carpool or use public transportation). I have three major reasons for the body of the paragraphs: financial saving due to sharing commuting costs, cleaner for the environment, and more opportunity to interact with another human being. If you want to change any of them, please feel free to do so. It need to have 1 intro, 1 thesis, 3 body paragraphs, and a good conclusion. Either to pages of work or 1000+ words to it please. Also, 5 sources needed and no copy/paste out of Wikipedia please. Here are some of the teacher’s requirements:o The speechshould have a total of 5sources. § 3 should beorally cited/available in the TCC databases § Feel free to use“you” to truly persuade us.§ .com websiteswill not count towards your required sources. (only .net .edu or .org please)§ variety ofevidence (statistics, examples, testimony, etc.)Thank you

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