Hello I need help with the followinghttps//legacy.saylor.o

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Hello I need help with the following:https://legacy.saylor.org/hist101/Unit02/Click on the link above and read through each of the links listedbelow. Take one page of notes from each of the following links listedbelow. For this assignment, you will submit 9 pages of notes (bulletpoints are ok). Number and title each section so that it is clear thereare 9 distinct pages. Double spacing is allowed. These notes mustbe in your own words, and they must demonstrate your mastery andunderstanding of the material. Your submission must be as an attachmentin Word, pdf, or rtf format. 1. The Near East, 3000-1500 BC2. General Characteristics of Mesopotamian Civilization3. Babylonian Empire4. Egyptian Civilization (by Steven Kreiss)5. Kush and Axum: Empires of East Africa6. History of Minoan Crete7. The Fall of Minoan Civilization8. The Akkadians, Egyptians, and the Hebrews9. Who Were the Hebrews?

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