Hello, I need some help on this assignment. Thank you!Servan

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Hello, I need some help on this assignment. Thank you!Servant leadership is an alternative approach to leadership wherethe leader’s purpose is to serve others. This leadership philosophygained support in the 1970s, and it stems from the leader being aservant to others first and a leader second. It is a philosophy wherethe leader gains the respect and trust of others by putting their needsbefore his or hers. This leader motivates others through supportingthem in achieving their goals. Conduct research on Servant Leadership (i.e., Robert K. Greenleaf orothers) and what it means to be a servant leader, and in a three- tofour-page paper, complete the following:Analyze the relationship between servant leadership and ethical leadership, including moral intelligence.Analyze the relationship between servant leadershipand at least one other values-based form of leadership such astransformational leadership, authentic leadership, or relationalleadership.Choose a leader whom you believe to be a true servantleader, and assess why this person is a servant leader. Citespecific examples to support your conclusions.Analyze how servant leadership may affect your currentorganization if all leaders were to practice servant leadershipas their dominant leadership style. Submit your answers in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document.

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