hello, I need to revise this essay, I need two parenthetical

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hello, I need to revise this essay, I need two parenthetical citation in body 1,2 and 3. and one parenthetical citation in rebuttal.all of citation from the two articles in worked cite. Also I need to revise the refutation to support my position.Should the Electoral College be Abolished?Isthe electoral college a fair voting system ? Senators are voted indirectly by the public yet the President wins through an indirectprocess which is considered a violation of fundamental principles ofdemocracy and a complication to Presidential politics. The ElectoralColleges was established when African-Americans were barred from votingand acted as a hindrance to individual states from having sufficientpower by voting. At the present time, there is no legitimate reason whythe Electoral College should be upheld. There are, however, severalreasons why the Electoral College needs to be abolished. The ElectoralCollege should be abolished because votes are unequally distributedamong state, the issue of swing states versus safe ones comes up and acandidate can be declared president even after wining 21.8 of popularvote .Electoral College votes are unequally distributedamong states. The aim of the Electoral College was to instill a sense ofimportance among states in a federally run government. Every state isgiven a minimum of 3 votes. There were, however, unforeseen consequenceswith this method of distributing votes. For instance, the value ofvotes among citizens different between states. This means that for acitizen in Wyoming, their votes are as much as four times more importantas one in Texas (Lewis). This is according to the population of states,Texas is asmuch as four times more populated than Wyoming yet the number of votes in the Electoral College is similar.Theissue of swing states vs. safe ones comes up. In 48 states in thecountry, a candidate can garner 50.01% of the popular vote yet the samecandidate will get 100% of the votes in the Electoral College (Lewis).Safe states have a history of voting in favor of a particular party. Forinstance, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee among others vote forRepublicans while California and Washington support Democrats. Swingstates have a history of equal support for both parties and areconsidered vital in the results of an election. These states includeOhio, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire and Colorado. This means that aRepublican voting in Maryland is worthless while as well as a Democrat’svotes in Texas. However, for residents of Florida, their votes aremarginally important than votes in safe states (Lewis). This is becausethe Electoral College has maintained that a vote is only as important asthe capacity to sway the majority votes within a state. This is becausethe citizens do not cast a direct presidential vote, the electors do.In 48 states and the District of Colombia, the majority votes decideswhich candidate receives all electoral votes within that state.Acandidate can be declared president even after winning 21.8% of thepopular vote. The Electoral College maintains a winner takes all system.A candidate winning a popular vote within a state, even by one vote,will generally get all the electoral votes within that state (Lewis).This, combined with the fact that smaller states have more electoralvotes per individual compared to bigger ones and it is possible for oneto be a president by just winning 21.8% of American public votes. Thecollective wish of the people is not granted when the Electoral Collegeallows a president to be declared when an opponent garnered .5% more ofpopular votes.Proponents maintain that the ElectoralCollege is a fundamental aspect of the country’s federalism and thesystem of government. The origin is the Constitution Convention of 1787and was a vital compromise between states (Columnist). The ElectoralCollege ensures that there is a deep and broad support for presidentialcandidate. The institution makes it hard for a candidate popular in theurban centers to win without appealing to all segments of populace. Ingetting rid of the Electoral College, presidential candidates will notbe incentivized to focus on small states.The ElectoralCollege has been in existent for as long as two centuries. However, inthe recent past, support for the institution has dwindled as it isassociated with hampering democracy and complicating presidentialelections. This essay supports the opponents of the Electoral College byarguing that it unequally distributes votes among states, voting insome states (swing states) is marginally important compared to safestates and that the institution hampers the idea of democracy by makingdeclaring a presidential candidate a winner with as much as 21.8% of thepopular votes. However, proponents of the Electoral College establishthat it is an institution that has existed for long and represents thefederalism of America. The Electoral College should be abolished torestore elective reform in presidential elections.Works CitedColumnist, Star-Ledger Guest. Should the electoral college be abolished? | opinion. NJ.com, 18 Dec. 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2017. http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2016/12/should_the_electoral_college_be_abolished_opinion.htmlLewis,Tyler. “Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College.” The HuffingtonPost, 12 Jan. 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2017. Post, 12 Jan. 2016. Web. 20 Feb.2017. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tyler-lewis/why-we-s…14 mins ago

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