Hello I want discussion board response for the following dis

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Hello I want discussion board response for the following discussion boardAlthough the standards mandate very specific requirements for the plans that add a level of complexity, discuss the pros and cons of very simple plans versus detailed plans?Discussion boardSome pros of having a simple plan are that it wouldn’t take near the amount of time or resources to implement a plan.It would be easy to maintain and update.It would be easy for everyone to understand and not have to question any part of the plan.It would be easily implemented should it be needed.Some cons of having a simple plan are that it doesn’t allow for detailed inputs that may be necessary to get some functions running again.It may not cover all required items needed for continuity purposes, or steps may not be known , that need to be taken to get productivity of the company back online.Not every employee may have a clue as to what their responsibilities may be in the event of a disaster or incident.Not all critical information pertaining to external agencies may be known, or the appropriate response by the said agency may be un-coordinated and become a ‘cluster’ when responding units arrive to the situation.Some pros of having a detailed plan in place are that it ensures the proper and detailed recovery of the organization.It would ensure that all teams knew what their responsibilities are in the event of an incident or disaster.It would ensure a smooth transition from the disaster stage to the recovery stage, as detailed plans would be in place as to how things would be re-instated.Some cons of a detailed plan is that it is rather labor intensive to put together.It requires a lot of input from several different sections and personnel.It could be confusing to certain people who may not understand everything laid out in the detailed plan, even thoigh it is supposed to be written in simple terms. It may be overwhelming to some regardless.It requires a lot continuous improvement to keep up with ever changing situations.It could become a logistical headache if a lot of functions have to be sent to different areas.

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