Hello, please see the instructions belowDownload and read t

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Hello, please see the instructions below:Download and read the Block (2011) report “Caring about Place” via the link: http://asq.org/teamwork/1998/01/news-for-a-change-v52-i01-feature-article-caring-about-place.html?shl=089141Navigate to the Flawless Consulting: Implementation and Engagement discussion thread below and respond to the following questions:Caring about Place: Rearrange the Room.Reflect on a recent workplace meeting you attended or a future workplace meeting that is yet to be held.Identify the purpose of the meeting, the attendees, and the room arrangement for the meeting (prior to any suggestion for change).Next, describe how you would rearrange the room to obtain maximum performance by all attendees based on guidelines shared by Block (2011) and other research. Include in your posting the purpose or what you hope to achieve by rearranging the room. Optional: Consider the option of attaching a picture(s) or sketch of the meeting room setting prior to the room rearrangement and/or afterwards. Although this option carries no additional grade point value, it is provided here to allow for your creative expression in the learning process and to facilitate your discussion of the room rearrangement.Note: The American Society for Training and Development—with a recent name change to Association for Talent Development—provides excellent resources to support your research.Another Way to Engage.Research one of the seven remaining ways to engage (discussed on pages 266-275) and recommend how it could be put to use in the workplace. Be specific and in your response provide evidence of knowledge of key principles of each consulting phase learned thus far in the course. For example, one principle of the implementation and action phase requires “designing each gathering to strengthen engagement” (Block, 2011, p. 262).Note: It may be beneficial to speak to the choice of the second way to engage by placing it in context to a particular event in your workplace. As Block (2011) reminds us…each consulting event needs to be a sample of the way we wish the larger change to precede. Each moment becomes an example of the destination. If you are holding a meeting to discuss a new set of measures for a telephone call center, for example, this meeting on measures needs to embody major principles of engagement such as putting real choice on the table and dealing publicly with difficult questions. (pp. 262-263)Provide a detailed post that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking. Your initial posting should be 200 words long. two sources properly cited and referenced: (a) the Block, P. (2011. Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer. ISBN: 978-0-470-62074-8

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