Hello,Please Reading the following information before you s

Hello,Please Reading the following information before you start writing.Research Paper PromptBasic Requirements:–Minimum 10 pages in length, not including Works Cited page.–MLA format–Use appropriate and effective grammar, style, and diction suitable for an academic audience.You can choice any topics of researching a social problem of your choice that causes human suffering and then construct a coherent argument related to your topic.The paper should cover the following sections:–An introduction where you will identify your topic and articulate a clear and focused thesis sentence.–A background of your topic. This should explain to your audience why this phenomenon should be considered a socially problematic source of human suffering that is worthy of our attention and concern. You will support this explanation with your research and provide the relevant background information necessary to understand the extent of the problem.–A rhetorical analysis and critical evaluation of how at least two sources from different perspectives discuss your topic. You should use other credible sources to support your evaluation of the perspectives that are the subjects of your analysis.–A conclusion that sums up your argument as a coherent whole and articulates its overall significanceI am attaching a copy of a research paper related to the race/ethnicity of Santa Claus, as well as 2 of my primary sources. Note that this is just a sample to give you an idea of writing/constructing the paper.Sample Essay White Christmas.docxSources:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XYlJqf4dLI–Megyn KeIIy (the cIip we watched in cIass today).AdditionaI cIip (a continuation of the discussion with ZerIina MaxweII):Aisha Harris (the articIe KeIIy responded to):http://www.slate.com/articles/life/holidays/2013/1…Thank you so much

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