here i am giving two course details for different colleges y

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here i am giving two course details for different colleges you need to match these syllabus at least 80 % and i also giving the format of syllabus after editing i am attaching two files IST7020 this is the file to match below syllabus and after editing you need to enter all topic details in cmp 561 filethank youbelow course is software designing and construction you need to change like analysis and design The objective of this course is to familiarize students with software application NEED TO EDIT development processes and underlying concepts. Topics covered include:, Unified Modeling Language, Software Development Life Cycle, Models and Methodologies, Quality Assurance & Improvement, and the basics of tools used for application development such as Requirement Management Tools, Version Control, Modeling, and Defect Trackingsoftware design fundamentals; key issues in software design such as concurrency, control and handling of events, distribution of components, error and exception handling and fault tolerance, interaction and presentation, data persistence; architectural structures and viewpoints, architectural styles (macro architectural patterns), design patterns (micro architectural patterns),human computer interface design, families of programs and frameworks; software design quality analysis and evaluation;software structural descriptions (static) and behavioral descriptions (dynamic); software design strategies and methods:general strategies, function-oriented (structured) design, object-oriented design, heuristic methods, formal methods, Component-Based Design (CBD) and SOA; software construction fundamentals: minimizing complexity, anticipating change, constructing for verification, standards in construction; managing construction, construction methods,construction planning, construction measurement; and practical considerations: construction design, coding, construction testing, construction quality and integration

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