here is the discussion While on a recent family vacation to

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here is the discussion: While on a recent family vacation to Canada, I discovered the best positioned fast food chain in the world–Tim Horton’s. Tim’s, as it is known affectionately to our Canuck neighbors ,is a chain fast food restaurant offering everyday Low Prices, like really low, with a unique mix of products. Tim’s sells coffee, doughnuts, breakfast items and sandwiches, all of which are priced lower than the competition. For example, the cheapest coffee option is only about $0.65 in American dollars. However, the value of Tim Horton’s resides with the product mix and quality. Tim’s combines several fast food chains into one. They sell products similar to those at McDonald’s, Dunkin Doughnuts, and Subway. All of the these companies are traditional low cost leaders in their fields. Tim’s does them one better in pricing, positioning themselves as the ultimate leader in fast food low cost leadership. By offering the flagship goods of other restaurants in one spot with better prices, value especially in small towns, is created. The cornucopia of offerings also captures more customer dollars. There are simply more chances to capture of family’s full dinner budget and reduce consumer serplus with more offerings. Tim’s also creates value through quality. The taste and cleanliness of the food and establishments is clearly a cut over the competition too. The result is a ‘better for less product’ as opposed to ‘less or the same for less’. Tim Horton’s is beginning to expand into the United States. Although most Americans are not fimilar with the brand, if the organization can reproduce it’s value package in the States it could create waves in the fast food industry.

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