I have an idea about the topic, which isduring the emergency

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I have an idea about the topic, which isduring the emergency, how does people due with the SARS? Here is the assignment requirement below. Proposals should be submitted via Canvas in PDF format. For this assignment, you will be writing a research proposal. You have already done some background information on a disease as part of assignment 1. Your job now is to propose a research question for future study about the disease you selected. Your proposal should point out what is already known about the topic, what the gaps in the current knowledge are, how those gaps can be addressed, and why such research is important. This assignment should not be a reiteration of your first assignment, but instead should go more in depth and include more extensive research that builds on your earlier assignment.Key parts of the research proposal:Literature ReviewThe literature review should be at least half (~3 pages) of your research proposal. A literature review should establish what we already know about the topic, as well as identify what the gaps in our knowledge are. It should set up your research question and justification. This is the portion of your research proposal where the majority of your sources will be used.Research QuestionYour research question should be clearly and concisely stated in the form of a single or multi-part question. Please highlight the research question in a bold font so that it is clear. JustificationThis portion of your paper can act as the conclusion. It should justify why the research question you are asking should be researched. Why is your research question important or significant outside the world of academia? What will it contribute to the academic literature? What gaps in current knowledge does it address? (This will be easier to do if you effectively demonstrate the existing gaps in the knowledge in your literature review). You do NOT need to discuss the methodology of how you would answer your research question, nor should you include a research outline, schedule or plan.Papers should be 5-6 pages (not including the works cited page), double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Because you have a limited amount of space to work with, you will need to be concise and to the point in your proposal. You must use at least 5 academic sources (you are welcome to include sources you used in assignment 1, but your bibliography should expand on that from assignment 1). You may also use additional non-academic sources, but please do not use Wikipedia as a source. Using APA style citations, you will need to cite both course material that you draw on and outside sources that you use. Grading will be based on: level of thought and detail, a convincing and thorough argument about the necessity of your proposed research, how well your proposed research question builds on existing research, use of evidence and sources, and writing quality.I also attach my first assignment in the files, which is a presentation about the SARS.

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