I need a post for discussion. Thesepostsshouldraisecriticalq

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I need a post for discussion. Thesepostsshouldraisecriticalquestionsandissuesthatyoufindareimportantaboutthereadings.Thepointofthepostsisnottodiscusswhatyoufindinteresting,buttogofurtherandthinkcritically aboutwhatisimportantaboutthereadingsinrelationtothethemes,concepts,andideaswearediscussinginclass.Takewhatyoufindinterestinginthereadingsandtrytoconnectittothebiggerquestionswearetryingtoanswer.Yourpostsshoulddemonstratethatyouhavereadandthoughtabouttheassignedmaterials(I will post all those article so that you can read. Just follow the instruction and you do not have to read all of them or read them really carefully. But in your discussion, you need to show that you really read those article. For example, you can try to connect them by one theme.

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