I Need the correct answers for all questions!!!!!!!!!!Quest

I Need the correct answers for all questions!!!!!!!!!!Question 1The results of the Puritans’ attack on the Pequot village of Mystic on May 26, 1637, wasconversion of the Pequots to Christianity.an alliance between the Pequots and Narragansetts.Pequot men, women, and children were murdered by Puritans.Each statement is accurate.1 points Question 2The adoption of slave labor in the English colonies was determined bythe number of convicts available in the region.the need for plantation laborers and the availability of African slaves at a good price.the result of wars fought by the British in Africa.no statement is accurate.1 points Question 3Squanto, a Patuxet, and Samoset, a Narragansett Indian,accepted Christianity and became preachers to the Indian nations.led Indian confederacies in the First Hyannisport War.served as translators for the Pilgrims and the Iroquois.taught Pilgrims how to grow corn.1 points Question 4Puritans wanted toeliminate aspects of Roman Catholicism from the Church of England.increase the sale of wholesome foods and fabrics.preserve chastity until marriage.prevent the sale of selected items on Sunday.1 points Question 5English men and women from the lowest ranks of society who agreed to work in exchange for passage money to the colonies were known ascontract labor.indentured servants.undocumented workers.wage slaves.1 points Question 6Puritan families valueddiversity.those who could testify to a “filling experience.”fewer children so each child would have more support.harmony and order in the home.1 points Question 7Powhatan, leader of the Powhatan Algonquians in Virginia, expanded his power over other groups of Native Americans bybribing their leaders with vast stores of wampum.convincing other tribes that his “medicine” would make them invulnerable to arrows or bullets.fighting and defeating leaders of other tribes.marrying women in different tribes.1 points Question 8Each statement but one about John Smith is correct. Mark the incorrect statement.Smith helped establish the English colony at Jamestown.He married Pocahontas.He was a fantastic storyteller.He often advocated violence in dealing with the Native Americans.1 points Question 9The Massachusetts Bay Company, founded in 1629, wasa way to force Puritans to accept the Church of England as it was.an effort by Charles I to establish a haven for Roman Catholics.based on the model of the Virginia Company.intended as a barrier to France’s efforts to expand westward.1 points Question 10When Native Americans sold land to New England settlers, theylooked forward to helping in developing the area.moved on to acquire additional land themselves.usually thought they were only giving permission to share the land.were happy to receive compensation for a commodity on which they placed little value.1 points Question 11Most colonists in Virginia who did not survive werecaptured and enslaved by Spanish raiders.killed by Native Americans.lost in the wilderness looking for gold.victims of malnutrition and disease.1 points Question 12Despite the economic boom for Virginia and Maryland produced by tobacco exports,birthrates soared because families could support more children.death rates remained high for infants and adults.most colonists rejected slavery on moral grounds.morality was strictly enforced.1 points Question 13By an Act of Toleration, settlement in Maryland was open toatheists and agnostics who denied the existence of a deity.Jews and Muslims.persons of any faith.those who believed in Jesus Christ.1 points Question 14New Englanders mostly profited fromquarrying and mining.raising sugar cane and making molasses.selling timber, wood products, and fish.trapping animals for fur.1 points Question 15Chapter 3: In what specific ways did the English colonists in the New England colonies and the Chesapeake Bay colonies differ from one another in their dealings with the Indians?Please refer to the essay instructions on the class home page. Following the instructions will help you gain as many points on the essay as possible; failure to follow the instructions will result in loss of points. Remember, your answer must be in your own words. There is no credit given for essays that are copied form any source or for answers based on any source other than the textbook. In other words, answers based on internet searches will receive zero credit.– Font family —- Font size —- Format –HeadingSub Heading 1Sub Heading 2ParagraphFormatted Code– Font family –Andale MonoArialArial BlackBook AntiquaComic Sans MSCourier NewGeorgiaHelveticaImpactSymbolTahomaTerminalTimes New RomanTrebuchet MSVerdanaWebdingsWingdings– Font size –1 (8pt)2 (10pt)3 (12pt)4 (14pt)5 (18pt)6 (24pt)7 (36pt)Path: pWords:025 points Question 16The first clear evidence of enslavement of Africans in mainland English colonies isan Act of Enslavement passed by the House of Burgesses in 1661.Jonathan Winthrop’s sermon on the nature of society in 1621.the fact that Maryland’s Assembly guaranteed rights to all Christians except slaves.the purchase of Africans from a Dutch trader in Virginia in 1619.1 points Question 17What was the primary impetus behind the Massachusetts settlements?blocking the Frenchcommercegetting rid of excess population in Englandreligion1 points Question 18In Chesapeake society,women found themselves free from government and family control.women worked alongside men in the fields.children contributed to the family’s economic success.each statement is correct.1 points Question 19The House of Burgesses was the firstact of religious toleration in English history.elected representative government in the New World.place where businessmen could buy and sell stocks in America.Puritan equivalent of the House of David.1 points Question 20The first generation of women immigrants to the Chesapeake regionexpected husbands to help them with housework.married relatively late, usually not until their mid-20s.rarely married because generous land grants enabled them to earn a living on their own.were expected to marry as soon as they were able to bear children.1 points Question 21The founding of the Church of England during the reign of Henry VIII was related toa dispute between the king and the pope over a divorce.England’s distant location from Rome.rivalry among English nobles.the king’s desire to expand his influence in Europe.1 points Question 22The Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower weremore interested in becoming wealthy in their new home than religious freedom.planning on returning to England with great wealth earned in the colonies.supposed to go to the Chesapeake area to help develop Virginia.trying to establish a haven for Catholics in the colonies.1 points Question 23Roger Williams, one of the founders of Rhode Island, believedin a heresy known as “the spark of the Divine.”that the king had no right to grant land owned by Native Americans.in witches, but also allowed himself to be vaccinated against smallpox.that Christ would return from Heaven and appear in New England.1 points Question 24One way New Englanders differed from Chesapeake colonists is that theybuilt more permanent shelters.had a greater faith that God would help them.migrated as families rather than as individuals.mostly came from northern England rather than southern England.1 points Question 25The Third Anglo-Powhatan War resulted in theabdication of Chief Opechancanough in favor of his cousin.first Native American reservation in America.Native Americans abandoning their homes in Virginia and moving across the continent to Indian Territory, or modern Oklahoma.last stand of Seventh Light Foot Brigade.1 points Question 26Anne Hutchinson was forced out of Massachusetts forabandoning her husband and 12 children.advocacy of permitting non-testifiers to vote.criticism of its clergy and the Puritan doctrine of “preparation.”licentious and unrepentant living.

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