I need to respond to the 2 postings below. My classmates hav

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I need to respond to the 2 postings below. My classmates have replied to a posting and I need to make a reply back. APA format, 5-7 Sentences for each response, 1 Reference for each response not older than 5 years old. its for my ‘foundations of graduate study’ class. 1) Hello Mercy,I enjoy volunteering for a local homeless shelter. Many of these men and women suffer from mental illness.I have always planned on providing a program to reach out to those who cannot afford mental health services.In my community, there is a local program that provides free medical care for those who do not have insurance or cannot afford high deductibles.I have spoken to the physician and a couple of the board members about allowing me to expand their abilities beyond just the physical aspects of care, but to provide mental health services.I have re-assured these professionals, I will volunteer my services as an experienced mental health nurse of 14 years and expand my services once I receive my licensure as a mental health nurse practitioner.As a student of the School of Nursing (SON), I can use the scholar-practitioner model to expand my critical thinking skills and improve implementation of evidence practices, while specializing in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.These aspects of SON will allow me as a student and a professional to transform society.This is not just Walden University’s mission, but this is my personal mission as well (Walden University, 2012).Walden University. (2012a). Master of science in nursing. Retrieved from http://The Grace Clinic is only open twice a month, so I likely will only volunteer on those days on a routine basis.I plan to continue working with an in-patient facility to broaden my skills and have a strong support team with other psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrist.I will continue to volunteer with our local homeless shelter.My family and I were homeless in 2003 because of a house fire.Life can turn on a dime.I do not what I would have done without friends.A friend took care of my three children so they would not have to stay in a homeless shelter.My husband and I had to live in a small room without a bed for a month.All we had was the clothes on our backs. People in the community came together and helped us get back on our feet. I will never forget this time in my life.I learned things on this earth is not what is important, but the love of your family and friends is everything!Warmly,RonyaReferencesWalden University. (2011). Student publications: Vision, mission and goals. Retrieved from http://catalog.waldenu.edu/Walden University College of Health Sciences. (2012). About the School. Retrieved from http://www.waldenu.edu/colleges-schools/school-of-nursing/about. 2) Ronda,In your discussion reply, you definitely convey your passion for psychiatric nursing. Although I may not have your drive for the mental health section of nursing, I take pride in volunteering. Whether it be at a hospital, local community drives, or being the room parent at my son’s school. Mental health problems in homeless and low income communities have always been undertreated due to lack of resources and qualified practitioners willing to serve those populations. We need volunteers like yourself, working throughout these communities to lend their time and talents regardless of compensation. It seems that your plan as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is set; you just need a little help from Walden University to get you over the first hump. A growing number of nurse practitioner programs have become actively engaged in encouraging their students to participate in some form of volunteer services for underserved populations (Danielsen, 2010). By already volunteering your services in your local community, you are a step ahead of any mandated volunteer work by Walden University, and your work is to be commended.ReferencesDanielsen, R. (2010). Medical Volunteering: A Call to Action. Clinician Reviews, 20, 20-21. Retrieved from http://www.mdedge.com/clinicianreviews/article/720…

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