In formulating a clear research question, abduction helps on

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In formulating a clear research question, abduction helps one isolate a theory early in the research stage, thus, saving resources. C. S. Pierce held the belief that abduction was the first step in scientific inquiry, using instinct, logic and insight to generate an explanatory hypothesis (Shanahan, 1986). Emphasizing that species survival would not have happened if animals were not able to guess correctly most of the time, C. S. Pierce asserted that man should be able to guess with a greater precision (McKaughan, 2008; Shanahan, 1986). Furthering the concept, the instinctual conception of ideas is not only comprehended by man, but relationships between the conceptions are formed to attain knowledge (Shanahan, 1986). The main assumption behind abductive reasoning is that within the confines of the facts and resources available, the best course of action to take in scientific inquiry will be pursued (McKaughan, 2008). The inherent danger in using this approach is that an explanatory hypothesis, formed from logical inference and perceptive judgment, will be made in the absence of logical rules. Another criticism is that an explanatory hypothesis based on observed facts that is not inductively or deductively tested cannot be labeled as correct or incorrect, only probable (Hoffmann, 1999). Please answer the above question with at least 150-250 words and using at least 1 reference. Reference needs to be from a peer reviewed article or journal and needs to be cited in APA 6th edition format. Also, of applicable, please provide www or doi website info for reference.

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