In this unit you will begin to develop your course project.

In this unit you will begin to develop your course project. This portion of your project will address three areas: (1) the decade of your choice, (2) U.S. healthcare sub-system; and (3) the resources you plan to use in your paper. Remember 2005 to 2014 is the required decade for the project. You can chose one from 1960 to 1999.Begin your project by researching and identifying the second decade and U.S. healthcare sub-system you intend to address in your paper.Research and prepare a “working” Reference page containing the sources you plan to use for this project. You must utilize at least five (5) credible sources for this project. The bulk of references should be peer-reviewed. It is highly recommended that you utilize the ECPI Online Library. You are welcome to conduct an interview as one of your sources; however, this is not a requirement. Of your five sources, at least two sources should be evidence-based articles. You must use APA to format your References.Submit the following for Part 1 of your project:Identification of the decade you intend to address in your paper.Identification of the U.S. healthcare sub-system addressed in the paper.A “working” References page

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