Ina .doc (Word) document of about 300-400 words, using APA f

Ina .doc (Word) document of about 300-400 words, using APA format andcitations (hint: any references cited throughout the course are in APAformat!), write a report answering the following questions Kellner, D. (2002). Theorizing globalization. Sociological Theory, 20(3), pgs. 285-305. Ritzer and Stepnisky Chapter 10Whatare the essential concepts, ideas, insights presented by the author ofthe article? (NO quotations! If you do want to use specificinformation, paraphrase and cite your source.)Whatconnection can you make to any concepts and ideas presented in yourchapter readings or the video(s) for this week? (NO quotations! If youdo want to use specific information, paraphrase and cite your source.)What did you like least about the article? What did you like most?

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