ing the downloadable software, templates provided, or other

ing the downloadable software, templates provided, or other preferred software, such as Microsoft Excel: Complete a WBS for your project. Work Breakdown StructureThis list of activities needs to contain enough detail so you can effectively plan and schedule your event.Using the completed WBS as a reference, next complete a Ganttchart of your project using the template provided. If you discover inthe process you overlooked activities make sure to include them in theWBS.Gantt Chart In a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages long, identify theCritical Path for your project. Using the WBS and the Gantt chart youconstructed for this project analyze how much longer you will need tostart planning in advance of your event in order to complete theproject? Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e.,cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end,in-text citations, etc.). Would you like information about how to format in APA? Click here. Papers should be spell-checked and submitted to Grammarlyprior to submitting your paper to the drop box. ‘Grammarly’ is a freeservice for Rasmussen students. Once you’ve made all of your suggestedgrammar corrections, submit your paper to the Drop Box, along with yourGrammarly PDF report as a separate attachment. Your goal is to obtain aGrammarly score of 90 – 100%.Part 2For this part of the Course Project,you will put together a Quality Plan. In order to provide the highestquality experience possible, attendees of the event were surveyed todetermine what was most important to them when attending such an event.The result of this survey is listed below:-90% of those completing the survey felt that having engaging and dynamic speakers is key to a successful event-90% felt that it was important that the accommodations werephysically located where the convention is being held; they didn’t wantto have to take a bus or a shuttle from their hotel to the convention. -85% stated the food provided should be wonderful and meet any dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten-free. For your assignment, you will need to do the following:Complete a scope statement for your project (Use may use thetemplates for Project Scope and Business Objective Worksheet provided).Your project Scope should be at one page in length.Project Scope and Business Objective WorksheetUsingthe WBS for your project, identify which of the Work Activities listedcould potentially impact those items identified by attendees as criticalfor the success of the project. Complete a Failure Mode andEffects Analysis. Only include those activities that impact the fourissues identified by your customers as critical to producing a qualityevent. For each of the activities listed:-Based on your knowledge of the activity analyze theseverity of the impact on the project if the activity failed to produce aquality result as Low, Medium, or High -Also based on yourknowledge of the activity analyze the probability of the poor qualityresult occurring as Low, Medium, or High -For the three activitiesthat were evaluated as having the most severe quality consequences ANDhaving the highest impact generate an action plan to reduce or eliminatethese failures from occurring In a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages long, clearly and concisely summarize the action items identified through the FMEA that will increase the probability of your project being considered a success with your customers.

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