Instructions Students will deliver a live presentation to an

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Instructions Students will deliver a live presentation to an audience of five or more people using the outline and/or note cards for reference purposes. Students will upload their presentation video to an open-to-the-public Youtube or similar site (paste URL to both the Assignments Folder and to Instructor’s email). Students will create a PowerPoint/Prezi slide show to accompany the presentation; that is, students must integrate the PowerPoint into their presentations to a live audience. The speech is to be five minutes long. [NOTE: I truly mean five minutes, not 6 or 7 or 8 minutes- but FIVE minutes; uploading longer videos only invites problems]. Topics must be approved by the Instructor, appropriate for the audience, and specific enough that a student can adequately cover the information in the allotted five minutes. Students are responsible for borrowing, acquiring, or purchasing a digital video camera for the purpose of the speech. Students are encouraged to learn who is in their class so that if there are several of you near one another proximity-wise, you can make arrangements to do your speeches at the same time and serve as audience members for one another.  NOTE: Students in Korea will not be able to utilize and should plan to use Google or other similar site. Be sure to notify the Instructor if you are stationed in Korea.Prepare and present a 5 minute informative speech live to at least five audience members. The speech will contain a creative introduction, concise body, conclusion, appropriate transitions, and will incorporate information from at least five credible references, including three verbal citatins. Please post a list of the references also.Informative Speech EvaluationOverall Considerations____ Did the speech meet the requirements of the assignment?____ Did the speech promote identification among topic, audience, and speaker?____ Was the topic handled with imagination and freshness?Substance____ Were the main ideas supported with reliable and relevant information?____ Were examples or narratives used effectively?Structure____ Did the introduction spark your interest?____ Was the speech easy to follow? Good use of sign-postings and transitions?____ Could the main points of the speech be easily identified?___ Were transitions used to tie the speech together?____ Did the conclusion help you remember the speech?Presentation____ Was the language clear, simple and direct?___ Were grammar and pronunciations correct?____ Was the speaker appropriately enthusiastic?____ Did the speaker maintain good eye contact?____ Did gestures and body language complement ideas?____ Was the speaker’s voice expressive?____ Were the rate and loudness appropriate to the material?____ Did the speaker uses pauses appropriately?____ Was the presentation free from distracting mannerisms?____ five audience members____ five references____ three verbal citations

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