Instructions1) Read case study Zappos, p252) Review box te

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Instructions:1) Read case study: Zappos, p252) Review box text on p4: ‘What do operations managers do?’.3) Answer the following questions:Draw and describe the customer benefit package that Zappos provides. Goods? Services? Digital content?Who manufactures the physical goods? Who is responsible for the quality and delivery of the physical goods?Identify and describe the primary, support and general management processes needed to execute a customer order at Zappos?Describe how any three of the OM activities in the box: ‘What do operations manager do?’ impact the management of both the goods that Zappos sells and the services that it provides.Explain how this case illustrates each of the seven major differences between goods-producing and service-providing businesses.4) Limit: 4 pages. 5) For your CBP diagram, you may use any software to generate your drawing. Google Drawings (Links to an external site.) is a free add-on software to Google apps that you can use. It is easy to use. You may also use PowerPoint to submit this assignment, if you wish.If you want to draw your CBP on paper, take a photo and paste the image onto the document you are submitting. The drawing is not part of the page limit.resources

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