INSTRUCTIONS:Create a 1 page synopsis in APA format and inco

INSTRUCTIONS:Create a 1 page synopsis in APA format and incorporate the questions and answers below. Use 1 source that will be assigned to you. Be sure to use in-text citations.From the initial and response postings, what kinds of questions or thoughts did they prompt for you? A. From a religious aspect to be open-minded to everyone’s perspective.Did you see a theme emerge? A. The theme is to show respect and be considerate to other’s belief’s and opinions.What kind of significance do this week’s discussion activities have for you and your approach to studying religion? A. Religion is based on an individual’s perception. (get more details from the assigned source)How well did you and your peers succeed at examining the topics of this unit from an academic and scholarly standpoint? Explain your perspective. Very well but to elaborate, (get your perspective from the assigned source)Was there anything that stood out for you? Was there a major take-away? Was there an a-ha moment? A. No, No, No, Because when you are open-minded you are mentally prepared for things that stand out, major take-aways, or a-ha moments.The 1 source that will be assigned to you is, Cunningham, L., Kelsay, J. (07/2012). Sacred Quest, The: An invitation to the Study of Religion, 6/e.

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