Instructions:There are two ways to submit this assignment:Ty

Instructions:There are two ways to submit this assignment:Type in your answers AFTER each question; ORUpload a document. If you are uploading a document, please make sure to include the Questions, then type in your answers AFTER each question. You will NOT receive any credits for this assignment if the uploaded file does not have the questions included.Page limit: 2.************************Answer the following questions: (18 points total)1) How would you apply the Theory of Constraints to a quick-service automobile oil change service? Explain. (3 points)2) What are the implications of a negative cash-to-cash conversion cycle? Give a specific example (3 points)3) Select two types of supply chain risks and in your own words, explain in-depth how supply chain managers can help mitigate these risks. (5 points)4) A major automobile manufacturer located in Georgetown, Kentucky, has two certified vendors that produce brake pads with the following information. Audubon Manufacturing is located in Columbus, Ohio, and LaPlaya Manufacturing is located in Monterrey, Mexico. The automobile assembly factory is assumed to operate 340 days per year. Details for the annual part and logistics cost for Audubon and LaPlaya for an annual demand of 1,000,000 is given below:Total Annual Logistics Cost (TALC) AnalysisAudubonLaPlaya C = Wholesale or retail price per unit considering price breaks$11.80$10.85Tc = country import or export tariff cost per unit, if any $- $0.46Tm = cost per unit to ship by air, ship, truck and/or rail$0.90$1.25 Sub Total (C + Tc + Tm)$12.70$12.56D = Forecast annual demand in units =1,000,0001,000,000Q = Typical order quantity in units=50,000100,000Average Number orders per year (D/Q) =2010Co = cost to place one order =$155.00$195.00 Ch = cost to store one unit in inventory for one year =$1.45$1.10L = lead time in days =45100Yd = days per year =340340d = average daily demand in units (D/Yd) =2,941.182,941.18 (C + Tc + Tm)*D $12,700,000$12,560,000Co(D/Q)$3,100$1,950[Q/2 + d*L]Ch $228,162$378,529 TALC = $12,931,262$12,940,4794a) Look at the information given. What supplier and order quantity do you recommend based on total costs? Explain your answer (4 points)4b) List other criteria that you might use to make the final supplier decision. (3 points)

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