Introductory Reflection: Write an introductory reflection d

Introductory Reflection: Write an introductory reflection discussing why you have chosen to work in mental health counseling, the population you intend to work with, and your personal “philosophy” in regards to counseling and the helping relationship. (Consider the following questions…What is most important to you about the process? How do you intend to conduct yourself as a practitioner? Are there any particular value or ethics you adhere to?) (2 pages) Integrating Theory into Practice: Choose two theories that you plan to use and integrate in practice. Discuss:The important and distinctive elements of each, how they compliment each other, and why they have meaning for you and your potential clientsThe self-as-instrument concept, how the counselor acts as the “tool” or “agent of change” for each theoryHow you intend to integrate technique and philosophy of each of the theoriesHow you plan to integrate multicultural issues and concerns with these theories. (6-8 pages)Conclusion: Conclude the paper by reflecting on what you have learned about yourself through this course/career, what skills you feel you still need to grow in the mental health field and how you plan to incorporate self-care as you progress in your career. (1-1 ½ pages) This paper should be approximately 10-12 pages in length (not counting the reference page.) The theory overviews should be written in APA format and should include at least 2 additional references. All references should be from legitimate sources. This includes: government websites, peer-reviewed journal articles (research), or books. If you are not certain about whether your source is scholarly or credible, please check with the instructor. Please utilize Hatch Library database to access scholarly journals and research articles.

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