Is organic produce healthier than non-organic prouduce ? for

Is organic produce healthier than non-organic prouduce ? formulate a hypothesis and testable prediction that address this question as an if …. Then statement 2-does the statement “Evolution is just a theory “ havw any merit? Explain. 3-descibe the characteristics of a question can be addressed through the scientific method and give some example. 4-design an experiment using all the steps of the scientific method. 5-list simple sugars. Two digestible complex carbohydrates, and two structural carbohydrates not digestible by humans. 6- explain the properties of H2O and how these properties make H2O important for living systems. 7- describe the three tybes of particles that comprise all atoms in terms of charge, mass and location within the atom. 8- compare and contrast DNA and RNA in tems of structure. Composition, and function for the toolbar, press ALT+F10(PC) or ALT+FN+F10 ( MAC) 9- A drop of red food coloring is added to a glass of water. After a few moments ,the entire glass of water is evenly dyed red. What did diffusion play in this experimrnt?

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