it is a propaganda and persuasion paper, there should be emp

it is a propaganda and persuasion paper, there should be emphasis on concepts and what is the most important issue influencing propaganda and persuasion within the 19th century till 21st century society. also the paper requires to list elements of knowledge from the course that are considered important to me. in addition, there needs to be explanations of why I chose these elements. finally, there should be three other sources to be used as reference that can have actual data. a powerpoint is needed as well, and it must match the paper’s content. an informal survey is required with no less than five people and five questions. 4-5 pages -12 point font-double space- watch for plagiarized work!for powerpoint: it needs to be 4-5 slides, covers report and research. the information should be different than what is in the report (paper) must have data on it and include an additional cover slide.

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