Key Assignment Final DraftPart 1 Tasks: (Objectives from Wee

Key Assignment Final DraftPart 1 Tasks: (Objectives from Weeks 1–4)Your business plan should include the concepts and ideas that are covered throughout this course. Take all of your written assignments and convert them into the required sections of your plan. The following list identifies each section:Management Team and Organization Chart (Phase 1 IP)Statement of Venture Social Entrepreneurship (Phase 2 DB)Board of Advisors and Additional Mentors (Phase 2 IP)Company Story (Phase 3 DB)Executive Summary (Phase 3 IP)Review your draft plan, and incorporate the feedback that you have received.Part 2 Tasks: (Objectives from Week 5)Your plan is finished, but your job is not done. You still need to sell the plan to investors.Your assignment is to use the content of your business plan to develop a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to attract investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors. Your presentation should take no longer than 10 minutes, and it should include no more than 12 slides of content. How you format the presentation is up to you. There is no right way to pitch to investors, but there are plenty of suggestions in your textbooks and other resources. Choose a format that works for your venture. Deliver and record a 10-minute presentation in which you pitch your venture for review by a panel of peers and the professor.All of the required sections should be included in your completed plan (not necessarily in the following order):Mission StatementVision StatementMarket OpportunityCompetitive EnvironmentFacilitiesOperating PlanLegal StructureFinancial Documents: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow StatementMarketing MixDigital Marketing PlanSocial Media StrategyManagement Team and Organization ChartStatement of Social EntrepreneurshipBoard of Advisors and Other MentorsCompany StoryExecutive SummaryThe plan should be well-written, concise, and organized. Visual aids should be clearly labeled, clean, and complete.All research material should be included in an index or cited per APA citation guidelines.

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