Legal situations arise frequently in everyday business pract

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Legal situations arise frequently in everyday business practice, but the assessment of the key issues is not always clear. A working understanding of essential business law concepts is critical for the successful navigation of complex and diverse business environments. Successfully addressing real-world situations will sharpen your skills in spotting issues, identifying vulnerabilities that you may face as a member of the corporate world, and becoming more sensitive to legal dilemmas that commonly arise in business. For your two-part summative assessment, you will be preparing two professional business memorandums related to the application of business law in specific hypothetical scenarios. For Final Project Part II, you will prepare a five-page professional memorandum for your supervisor in a hypothetical U.S. corporation that is considering doing business overseas. Your findings and critical assessment of the cases will help shape the approach of corporate stakeholders to the legal matters raised, including each company’s response to each situation. For the second part of your summative assessment, you will assume the role of an employee at a fictional company and prepare an executive memo pertainingto the legal and ethical implications of a company doing business internationally.ScenarioYou are working for a major U.S. corporation that wants to expand its reach globally and has narrowed the search to either Mexico or Japan. Your supervisor hasasked you to prepare a memo that analyzes potential compliance issues with respect to aspects of law and ethics that are specific to one of the two countries.You will choose to prepare your memo for either Mexico or Japan and address the critical elements below. This will help inform the final executive decision.Because you have some fluency with domestic laws, and given your background and history with the corporation, you have been asked to assess the pros andcons of the decision, and to provide your insights with respect to the ethical and legal implications of the expansion. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. What pertinent aspects of U.S. law should the company be aware of in its goal to do business internationally?II. Assess the legal implications of moving business abroad specific to your chosen country. What are the advantages and disadvantages?III. What are the ethical implications involved in this business decision?IV. Explain how other domestic companies have managed to comply with the U.S. laws related to this business decision in the past. How did thesecompanies address potential compliance issues?

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