Lesson AssignmentIn this assignment, write a narrative essay

Lesson AssignmentIn this assignment, write a narrative essay in which you assume the role of either an American American Soldier who invades Normandy or a German Soldier who is defending the attack. This story is the one you will tell your grandchildren of the events of June 6, 1944.Lesson AssignmentThe Dave Dawson Adventure Series were popular young adult books by R. Sidney Bowen. Author Stephen King has cited this series as a favorite of his as a child. There were fifteen books in all that featured American pilot Dave Dawson and his sidekick Freddy Farmer, a British flyer. Be clear that Dawson and Farmer were fictional characters and Bowen sometimes strayed from the historical record. However, these books were a way to connect American youth, mostly boys, with the fighting in the different theaters of the war. Click here to access one of the fifteen titles, Dave Dawson at Casablanca.Read Chapter 1 of the book. Imagine that you are a young boy at the time this novel was published in 1944. Answer these attached questions and follow your teacher’s directions on how to submit your responses.Lesson Assignment – Cold WarIn this assignment, you are to develop a PowerPoint presentation, brochure/flyer, movie maker, or imovie project on one of the following and explain how it contributed to the Cold War.Berlin BlockadeBerlin AirliftNATOWarsaw PactBaruch PlanAtomic Energy Act of 1946ContainmentMarshall Plan

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