Let’s use the discussion forum each week to help you be succ

Let’s use the discussion forum each week to help you be successful in ALEKS.Post a specific problem from ALEKS with which you have struggled last week or this week OR a problem from a topic for which you need additional help or explanation. Provide the topic the problem is from and all the details of the problem. You can also attach a screenshot if that is the easier way to share it. Explain the ways you have approached the problem and tried to solve it or how you successfully worked it. If you do not include this information, you will NOT receive full credit. Also, if your post is only a copy and paste from ALEKS of a problem and the explanation, you will NOT receive full credit. You MUST provide your input/explanation. The point of this forum is to help you get assistance for the topics you are stuck on or struggling with. If you don’t know how to solve it, share it and how you attempted to solve it. You will NOT lose points if you don’t have the correct solution. I reply to everyone with assistance.

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