LOVE LANGUAGES Love is extremely subjective. As we learned w

LOVE LANGUAGES Love is extremely subjective. As we learned when we studied perceptions, not everyone demonstrates or evaluates experiences in the same way. Dr. Gary Chapman believes that each of us expresses and desires love, not only with our romantic partners but with our friends and family, in one of five distinct ways. Let’s learn your love language. Visit The 5 Love Languages website and learn about the Five Love Languages. My wife and I have already taken the quiz to learn our love languages. My results are: 8 Acts of Service 8 Physical Touch 8 Words of Affirmation 4 Quality Time 2 Receiving Gifts My Wife’s results are: 10 Words of Affirmation 7 Acts of Service 6 Physical Touch 5 Quality Time 2 Receiving Gifts From the website with link above you can learn what each of them means. Next, write a well-organized, APA-formatted essay of 1000 words or more on the subject. What did you learn from the assessment? How does this knowledge apply to your current and/or past relationships and what you learned from the text in chapters 11 and 12? Here is a link to the textbook:…

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