Marketing Communication ‘Slightly Exaggerated Please respon

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Marketing Communication ‘Slightly Exaggerated’ Please respond to the following: Go to the Federal Trade Commission Website located at Search for Deceptive Advertising. At Results, scroll down to Filter by Content Type and choose Case. Then Filter by Date and select this year or last year. Select a recent case involving deceptive advertising. 1) Read the Press Release; 2) Watch the video exhibit (if available); 3) Read the Complaint; 4) Read the Decision and Order.From the FTC case you have selected, analyze the key elements of the case, including the deceptive practice in which the company was engaged, the final decision, and the penalty assessed against the company.Generate at least two (2) recommendations for how the company involved in the case could have avoided deceptive advertising, including safeguards that should have been in place to prevent the deceptive advertising in question. ***This is a discussion, NOT a paper. Need 2 strong paragraphs and references.***

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