Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions (20 points) Please r

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Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions (20 points)’ Please respond to the following:For sales professionals, familiarization (FAM) trips are very important to closing the sale with a meeting, convention, or exposition organizer. Determine five key strategies a sales manager would need to show a meeting, convention, or exposition organizer during a FAM trip to close the sale.During busy times of the year, a hotel, convention center, or meeting hall may have more demand than meeting space available. When your demand for rooms is greater than the number of rooms you have available, discuss how a sales team would determine which customers to take and which to refer to other establishments.Supplier Evaluation and Selection. Please respond to the following:As you put the finishing touches on your RFP this week to bring on that new client customer who made the decision to bring their customer service to Water’s Inc. from India, what are the supplier evaluation criteria that you find of key importance for inclusion? Explain why those are of importance and which evaluation method is appropriate. In other words, From your perspective, list and then explain the top three (3) criteria for selecting a vendor for a the hardware, software and training needs for this project.Use the Identification of Potential Sources a New Need/Requirement model in Chapter 12.What are the legal and ethical considerations that you deem most important to include in your RFP, if any? What is the one area that is make or break for you when selecting a supplier?

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