My topic is Cyberbullying among teenagers in the U.S. For ex

My topic is Cyberbullying among teenagers in the U.S. For example, talking about the situation currently, how to stop it and so on… It would be better to show an example around us such as a friend’s case.Instructions for Final PaperFor your final paper you will write at least 2200 words and no more than 2800 on your proposed topic. Note that your paper will be about 8 to 10 pages double spaces. Quotes will count for only 200 of your total word count. This will contain a personal statement of ethics which shall be no more than 500 words.Grading final papers and rubricWe have to go through these papers rather quickly so each instructor will be in charge of 25 points of the 75 total. Here is the rubric and the instructor in charge of each:CriteriaInstructionsPointsGraderGrammarPaper is free of grammatical errors.5IshaOrganizationThe paper should have clear thesis statement in the introduction, good paragraph structure, and good transitions between sections. Paper should be at appropriate word count.15MattOpposing perspectivesPaper contains a fair and detailed discussion of opposing arguments.10IshaPeer-review articlesThe bibliography should contain at least four (4) peer-reviewed sources that you use in your paper.10MattAPA bibliographyA properly formatted bibliography5PaulaEngagement with primary sourcesPaper has developed discussion of arguments from two credible sources.10PaulaExamplesStudent has given two examples of how the technology is used in a specific context and the impact it has on real people.10PaulaStatement of EthicsPaper contains the student’s perspective on their own ethics and their ethics in relation to the topic of the paper. Exemplary statements include student discussion of their chosen profession and model some of the ethical challenges that they will likely encounter.10Isha

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