Need 250-400 words in APA format with Scholarly peer reviewe

Need 250-400 words in APA format with Scholarly peer reviewed material cited for references. This does not include Google books or general websites! Suppose you are interested in the behaviorsof physicians that have high ratings of patient satisfaction. Theresearch goal is to identify the behaviors in the natural clinicalsettings of these successful physicians so that these behaviors can bebuilt into the curricula of medical preparation programs. The main datawere collected by the video recording of five randomly selectedphysician-patient encounters from 10 physicians who have been ratedhighly by patients in a reliable satisfaction survey.Assume thatyou reviewed the literature on physician communication skills as amajor component of patient satisfaction. Based on this idea, what mightbe some of the initial codes that you could use to label the data units?How would you justify this set of codes in your research report?

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