Now that you have researched your topic, as well as some of

Now that you have researched your topic, as well as some of the stakeholders who are actively and publicly invested in that topic, you have become an engaged stakeholder yourself. In Project 3, you will persuade non-engaged stakeholders to care about the issue and engage with it by making a call to action. You will draw on research about your issue or topic and use your knowledge of rhetorical appeals to educate, engage and empower audiencesThe Intermediate Draft for Project 3 takes the form of a draft of the written (text only) argument. This draft should be an essay (1200-1400 words) that (a) educates an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the issue or topic; (b) engages the audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue or topic; and (c) empowers the audience to take action in some way. This draft should include a thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations from appropriate sources), and a Works Cited page, should be five sources. MLA StyleTerms you should know:Non-engaged stakeholder: A person (or group of people) who is uninvolved in or unconcerned with the discussion about an issue and who is not interested or invested in taking action on that issueThis written part of the assignment will be evaluated using the rubric that iattachmenti choose immigration rights in the United States topic to talk about in the essay.

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