ØPersonal Assessment: You are expected to write a SWOT Anal

ØPersonal Assessment: You are expected to write a SWOT Analysis outlining, in bullet form, your personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths – skills, talents, abilities that make you a valuable commodity post graduation Weaknesses – shortcomings, faults, fears or lack of skills that may be a detriment to your future Opportunities – changes, trends, current factors, connections, networking, regions that make your career or educational path a greater possibility for you Threats – things that may hamper or block your path for success such as marriage, children, job, changing marketplace, or obsolete skillsØMid-term Essay: Each student is expected to research a controversial issue of his/her choosing and to summarize at least two arguments on both sides of the issue. Following the summary students are to write an essay in which one side or the other is supported. Students must use at least 3 points of persuasion to create a thoughtful and insightful essay.ØSummaries of Issues: Prior to discussions of selected topics, each student is expected to turn in a 2-3 page summary of the issue. There will be five written summaries throughout the semester. The summary should identify the question and then two arguments for and 2 arguments against. The arguments may reflect those used in the textbook or they may be attributed to other sources. If other sources are used, they must be referenced! course. Does capitalism have serious defects? 2 pages.Is humankind dangerously haming the environment? 2 pages Should government intervene in capitalist economy? 2 pages ØResume: Create a detailed resume and a one-page resume for a job in your career field OR Graduate school application. Include a cover letter and use any traditional resume writing style.

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