Paraphrase the claim Michelle Obama is making in these remar

Paraphrase the claim Michelle Obama is making in these remarks from the PHA Building a Healthier Future Summit:So I didn’t exactly have time to peruse the aisles, thoughtfully reading labels. And I know my experiences are not unique. I mean, every day, parents across this country are doing that same frantic grocery store sprint. So it’s not particularly helpful to bombard them with complex labels or vague messages to ‘eat healthy’ and ‘make better choices’ without clearly defining what that means.What is helpful is to provide families with the information they need when they need it. And this is the first point I want to make. The fact is that we can give parents the most comprehensive pamphlets and the most up-to-date websites. But we cannot expect folks to remember everything they’ve read days or weeks later when they’re in that grocery store aisle, or opening that menu, or standing in front of the freezer pondering what to make for dinner. Instead, we need to offer parents clear information at the moment when they’re actually deciding what to buy, cook and order for their kids.

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