Part 1 Website or blogInvestigate different websites or blo

Part 1: Website or blogInvestigate different websites or blogging platforms: Drupal, Weebly, WordPress, Google Sites, or others that are free.Create a website or blog for your future classroom using a free hosting site to communicate with stakeholders for your future classroom. You will be using the site throughout the course so choose a host site you are comfortable with using.As you develop the framework for your site, be sure to include the following pages:Welcome page – include announcements, calendar, etc.About Me – include contact informationStudent Resources – include sites for students, homework, as well as other resources you feel will be helpful to parents and students in your classBlog EntriesUse appropriate fonts and graphics to make your page appealing. Be creative.Part 2: Blog PostResearch how technology can be used to enhance communication with parents, students and the global community in the classroom.In a Word document, prepare a 500-750-word draft version of Section 2: Communication Plan of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan. Support your explanation with 3-5 scholarly resources.Copy the draft of “Section 2: Communications Plan” into a blog post titled “Technology to Support Communication.” Include the reference page.

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