Part One Read “We Real Cool” and “My Papa’s Waltzâ€

Part One: Read “We Real Cool” and “My Papa’s Waltz” in your textbook. Then, answer the following questions about one of the poems:What is the theme of the poem? How do you know this is the theme?What poetic devices (rhythm, figurative language, etc.) are used in the poem? Offer at least two examples. How do these poetic devices contribute to the development of the poem’s message? Support your ideas with textual details and analyses.When you have answered the questions above, then move on to the next setof instructions in Part Two. Part Two: Listen to “We Real Cool” and “My Papa’s Waltz.”These clips demonstrate the importance of performance, rhythm, andmusicality in the poetic form. Describe your listening experience of thesame poem you wrote about above. If you are unable to listen to thesepoems due to an auditory impairment, please reach out to your Instructorfor an alternative prompt for this discussion. Respond to at least twoof the following questions:How did hearing the poem recited aloud compare to a silent reading of it?Did the performance highlight certain words or phrases that were not as apparent in a silent reading? Did the pace change and, if so, how did it change your understanding of the poem? Did words have different connotations and, if so, what kind(s) of connotation did you associate with the poem? Do you think reading poetry aloud is a worthwhile endeavor when analyzing it? Why, or why not?Support your ideas with textual details and analyse

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