Pathophysiological Processes Guidelines PURPOSE This project

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Pathophysiological Processes Guidelines PURPOSE This project is an investigation of a health condition that you will investigate in depth. It willallow for the expansion of knowledge and the ability to generalize larger concepts to a variety ofhealth conditions. COURSE OUTCOMES: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes. 1. Explain the pathophysiologic processes of select health conditions. 2. Predict clinical manifestations and complications of select disease processes. 3. Correlate lifestyle, environmental, and other influences with changes in levels of wellness. PREPARING THE ASSIGNMENT: Please include the following in your paper: body system with name of disease, etiology, risk factors, pathophysiological process, clinical manifestations and complications, and diagnostics. Please remember to use proper APA style for your paper 1)Write a 2-3 page paper (excluding title and reference pages). Include the following information (also outlined in the grading rubric) about the selected disease process: a. Introduction of disease b. Etiology and risk factors c. Pathophysiological processes d. Clinical Manifestations & Complications e. Diagnostics 2)Be sure to provide a reference list in APA format.3)a. A minimum of two (2) scholarly, primary sources are required. b. Given the nature of the research, current literature is preferred (within 5 years).DIRECTIONS AND ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA Assignment Criteria Points % Description Introduction of disease 10 points. 20% of the grades. Provide a brief description of the disease/disorder. This part of the paper should not be limited to the definition ofthe disease. Include epidemiology as appropriate. Etiology 10 points. 20% Identify common causes and risk factors for the disease, to include age, gender, environmental, genetic,and lifestyle. Pathophysiological processes 10 points. 20% of the grades. Describe how the disease begins by describing thecause and mechanisms of the disease that give rise to signs and symptoms. Remember pathophysiology should be on acellular level. Include information on how the body attempts to overcome/correct the disease, if applicable. Clinical Manifestations & Complications 10 points. 20% of the grades. Describe the physical signs and symptoms that are important in considering the presence of the disease. Diagnostics 5 points. 10% of the grades. Describe common laboratory and diagnostic tests used to determine the presence of the disease.Provide information on significant findings for these diagnostic studies associated with the disease. APA Style and Organization 5 points. 10% of the grades . The assignment should be a 2-3 page (excluding title and reference pages) typed paper and presented in APA format. This includes an APA title, page andreferences with in-text citations. Spelling and grammar willbe evaluated with this assignment. Must include at least two (2) scholarly, primary sourcesfrom the last 5 years, excluding the textbook. Total 50 1

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