Peer Answers For Discussion 2: Your Leadership Profile

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Peer Answers For Discussion 2: Your Leadership Profile

Respond to two of your colleagues by making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their Strengths Finder assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors.


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The results of the StrengthsFinder assessment was not a total shock to me. My top five most dominant themes include focus, harmony, achiever, discipline, and responsibility. All of these traits are what I believe a leader should possess. Out of all of the themes, the most surprising was harmony being in the top two. Most of my themes were included in the executing category, which makes things happen. I would definitely described myself as focused, achieve, disciplined, and responsible.

Core values have moral intentions that help achieve a goal (Sigurdsson et al., 2020). The two core values I would like to strengthen are teamwork and open-mindedness. At times, I tend to get hyper-focused on my work and want things done my way. This causes me to want to do everything myself with no help. I have to remind myself that we are all part of a team. Nursing is not a one man/woman shown it requires teamwork. Teamwork in nursing leads to better patient care, stronger professional relationships, reduced risk to patient safety, lower healthcare costs, and promotes job satisfaction for nurses (Faubion, 2022). Based on my results from the assessment, I enjoy routines and structure. I want to be more open-minded and deal with problems as they arise. Strengthening these values will make me a better leader.

The two strengths that I would like to strengthen include communication and making difficult decisions. Based on my results, I tend to avoid conflict and difficult situations. The nurse leader is the individual letting employees go and calling nurses off. To be an effective leader, I will have to make hard decisions.

“A commitment to excellence underlies all of the characteristics of nurses who have proven to be most successful” (Larson, 2021). The two characteristics I would like to strengthen include creativity and persistence. I am an achiever and like setting and achieving goals. At times, achieving these goals seem forever away. This is why persistence is key. Successful nurses and nurse leaders don’t give up, they keep goin. I like plans and organization but sometimes nursing is just the opposite. Being able to come up with creative solutions to problems is a characteristic that is crucial to being a leader.


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