Personality Assessment results&nbspYour manager tells youabout

Personality Assessment results Your manager tells youabout a new department the company will be adding that is part of the company’sstrategic plan to enter a particular market segment. Your manager would likeyou to manage one of the teams in this new department. Your manager has puttogether the team you will be managing. Your new team consists of the membersof your current Learning Team.To be successful in the new market segment, your team mustefficiently accomplish the goals set by the company. Your manager, therefore,would like you to develop a leadership approach for each team member on yourteam based on the theories of leadership and each member’s individualpersonalities.Write a memo to yourmanager of no more than 1,400 words in which you explain how you plan tosuccessfully lead your team. Include the following:Evaluate the individuals,including yourself, based on the personality assessment.Evaluate the situation in termsof urgency, culture, and so forth.Determine leadershipapproaches, based on individuals and the situation. Highlight theprinciples you have applied from various leadership theories. Specificallyidentify leadership styles and theories

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