Persuasive Business ProposalsFollowing the letter proposal f

Persuasive Business ProposalsFollowing the letter proposal format on pgs. 403-406, your team will write a  5 page letter proposal. This means at least 5 full pages.You must make a company letter head and use a graphic and include company name, address, city, state, phone, fax, email, and web address.You  can come up with any business related topic you desire, or chose 441 # 13-31 OR pg -442 # 13-32.All proposals must follow the written proposal in your text including headers and position of header on page. Business font is 12pt. Times, with 1′ margins, pages numbered and full pages. You can make up numbers for the cost and time frame if necessary. The cost needs to be in table format. And all pages must be to the end of the page. 20%Don’t forget to follow the correct proposal format:Problem Section: – sample proposal on pgs. 403-4061. Introduction that grabs attention – summarizes problem2. Background that explains your solution and the time lineSolution Section – give complete details of solution, how job will be done, who will do what, required equipment and personnel; cost, and why your company is qualified to do the job.3. Proposed approach and work plan4. Qualifications of your company5. Cost in table format – no more than 1 page in proposal. Also make sure you show the profit to be made  by the party you are writing the proposal to.Conclusion – tells the benefits the reader will receive from your solution and urges audience to take action6. Authorization – see sample in textREMEMBER – A PROPOSAL IS A PERSUASIVE DOCUMENT!!What do I put on my slides? You take sections of the proposal and bullet point the main points of that section. Also, tables, graphs can be used. The idea is to put the put main ideas on slides that you want your audience to remember. Keep them simple – do not clutter them with text and pictures it has to be business related

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