Please answer following questions 1. Please watch Charlie C

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Please answer following questions: 1. Please watch Charlie Chaplin’s Factory scene in his movie, Modern Times. After watching the video clip, would you ever consider taking a job that had you do the same repetitive activity or task over and over again, even if the job paid well? b. Why would you consider accepting a very repetitive job (easy to do/learn, etc.) OR why would you not consider taking on such a job (too boring, no mental challenge, etc) Please discuss your thoughts?2. Please watch the Shift Happens video. Based on what you watched/saw in the video, please listing 2-4 things/facts that you were not aware of before watching this video. b. Then pick at least 2 of these things you listed, and discuss how you believe they can directly impact you as a future worker and possibly manager. I’m most interested in your personal interpretation in how you perceive a couple of these areas impacting your future work career (don’t focus on the whole world – way too much for one short essay)3. At the end of Chapter 1, page 25-26 (SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), please take the self-assessment on Career Readiness – Big 20. Review your score and the interpretation material written about the assessment. You do not need to answer the questions in the Interpretation section, but please answer this:a. What did you learn about yourself from this assessment, and what can you begin to do differently to make yourself more ‘Career Ready,’ Please just focus on a couple of these characteristics that you know you need to improve upon, and then discuss what you can start doing to improve.4. On page 8 in your textbook(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), please read the section profile on Ursula Burn’s career rise from Intern to CEO of Xerox.a. Based on what your read about Ms. Burns, please identify what you believe are the unique skills and characteristics Ms Burns possesses that have helped her in her career?b. Are there any skills or characteristics that you share with Ms Burns, and/or are there areas that you believe you need to further develop, and if so, what can you begin to do differently? 5. At the end of Chapter 2 in the textbook, on page 47(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), there is a Self-Assessment Quiz, which is based on McGregor’s Management Theory X and Theory Y, please take the quiz and score your results on page 48, then review the interpretation section.a. Please describe where you fall on the McGregory Theory X – Theory Y continuum – are you more like Theory X or Theory Y. b. Why do you think you are more like Theory X or Theory, and wherever you fall on the scoring,c. What area(s) would you like to work on that will increase your interpersonal and managerial success working with others?Attachments: question3_chapter_1_page25.pngquestion3_chapter_1_page_26.pngquestion3_chapter_1_page_262.pngquestion4_page_8.pngquestion5_page47.pngquestion5_page_481.pngquestion5_page_482.pngAttachments areaPreview YouTube video Charlie Chaplin – Factory WorkCharlie Chaplin – Factory WorkPreview YouTube video Shift HappensShift Happens

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