Please check out the instruction in the attachment to comple

Please check out the instruction in the attachment to complete the course project by using given template.Attachment:Course_Project_1_Assignment_Comparing_Oracle_and_Microsoft-13-1-3.docxProject_Template_Comparing_Tootsie_Roll__Hershey_for_2012-10-2.xlsxHere is the link for thefinancial statements for Oracle Corporation for the fiscal year ending 2011.First, select 2011 using the drop-down arrow labeled Year on the right-handside of the page, and then select Annual Reports using the drop-down arrowlabeled Filing Type on the left-hand side of the page.You should select the 10k dated6/28/2011 and choose to download in PDF, Word, or Excel format. is the link for thefinancial statements for Microsoft Corporation for the fiscal year ending 2011.You need to press the word Go on theleft-hand side of the page. Then you should select the 10k dated 7/28/2011 andchoose to download in Word or Excel format. sample project template isavailable for download in Doc Sharing. The sample project compares the ratioperformance of Tootsie Roll and Hershey using the 2012 financial statements ofTootsie Roll and Hershey provided at their websites. DescriptionThis course contains a Course Project.Using the financial statements for Oracle Corporation and MicrosoftCorporation, respectively, you will calculate and compare the financial ratioslisted further down this document for thefiscal year ending 2011 and prepare your comments about the two companies’ performance based onyour ratio calculations. The entire project willbe graded by the instructor at the end of the final submission in Week 7, andone grade will be assigned for the entire project.Overall RequirementsFor theFinal SubmissionYour final Excel workbooksubmission should contain the following items. You cannot use any software but Excelto complete this project.1. A completed worksheet title page tab, which isreally a coversheet with your name, the course, the date, your instructor’sname, and the title for the project. 2. A completed worksheet profiles tab that contains aone-paragraph description regarding each company with information about theirhistories, what products they sell, where they are located, and so on. 3. All 16 ratios for each company, with the supportingcalculations and commentary on your worksheet ratio tab. Supportingcalculations must be shown either as a formula or as text typed into adifferent cell. The ratios are listed further down this document. Your commentsfor each ratio should include more than just a definition of the ratio.You should focus on interpreting each ratio number for each companyand support your comments with the numbers found in the ratios.4. The Summary and Conclusions worksheet tab is anoverall comparison of how each company compares in terms of the major categoryof ratios described in Chapter 13 of your textbook. A nice way to conclude isto state which company you think is the better investment and why. 5. The Bibliography worksheet tab must contain atleast your textbook as a reference. Any other information you use to profilethe companies should also be cited as a reference.Required Ratios for Final Project Submission1.  Earnings per Share of CommonStockCurrent Ratio Gross Profit Margin Rate of Return on Sales (Net Profit Margin)  Inventory Turnover Days’ Inventory Outstanding (DIO) 7.  Accounts Receivable Turnover 8.  Days’ Sales Outstanding (DSO) Asset Turnover Rate of Return on Total Assets (ROA) Debt Ratio Times Interest Earned RatioDividend Yield (For thepurposes of this ratio, use Yahoo Finance to look up current dividendyield and stock price; just note the date that you looked up thisinformation.)Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity (ROE)Free Cash FlowPrice/EarningsRatio (Multiple) (For the purposeof this ratio, for Oracle, use the market price per share on May 30, 2011and for Microsoft, use the market price per share on June 30, 2011.)

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