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PLEASE DO NOT BID UNLESS YOUARE FAMILIAR WITH TECHNOLOGIES FOR CYBERSECURITY AND UNDERSTAND WHAT A CISOLOOKS FOR WHEN EVALUATING NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR USE!!!!!Technology to research is FireEyeNX2400. Researchand evaluate its capabilities, costs, maintenance requirements, flexibility,and feasibility for implementation. The analysis should include pros and cons,potential barriers to success, vulnerabilities eliminated or reduced,convergence issues, first adopters (if the technology is new), and any otherissues you deem important to consider. Use the technical evaluation methodology.Requirements Need to have the following sections fully covered:Introduction- Clearly describes and introduces the paper.Provides clear background information and facts to support the paper.Conclusion- Clearly summarizes the main points from the paper.These include the capabilities, costs, maintenance requirements, flexibilityand feasibility for implementation.Capabilities- Clearlyexplains the capabilities of the technology. (Provide a scenario and/or example of how using the product willassist a company)Costs- Clearly explains the costs involved with thetechnology *Needs to be actual pricing and website to purchase*MaintenanceRequirements- Clearly explains themaintenance requirements of the new technology and the price for maintenance if anyFlexibility-Clearly explains the flexibility of the technology.Feasibilityof Implementation- Clearly explains thefeasibility of implementing the technology. Issues-Clearly explains the pros and cons, barriers, issues, vulnerabilities, firstadopters (if technology is new), etc. Must cover at least 5 areas.The paper is to sell FireEye NX2400 to a CISO to use for a company. SHOULD NOT BE GENERALIZED and ALL REQUIREMENTS SHOULD BE SPECIFIC TO FireEye NX2400Paper need to be a min of 7pages using a min of 5 authoritative or scholarly sources in paper. One must beNIST SP 800-53. APA format

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